Bitcoiners of SWFL Endeavor MeetUp Group 1/16/18

Hosted by: Rob Johnson
From BitCoiners of Southwest Florida

Welcome to Bitcoiners of Southwest Florida! We have a great presentation for you with Bitcoin Basics, Top Cryptocurrencies, mining techniques and a live SKYPE call with the representatives of BITCOIN IRA. Ask questions and find out how you can maximize your retirement plans with cryptocurrency. As seen on TV. We are one of the fastest growing groups on Meetup….

This is a fantastic group of people sharing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain developments in a productive environment. We believe the potential for investors to capitalize on the global adoption of these advancements can be exciting and lucrative. Our meetings attract a lot of diversity in professionals of all sectors. What can you expect? Expect to enter the fast pace world of cryptocurrencies! Be ready to meet some of Southwest Florida’s most knowledgeable people in the business.

Find out why Bitcoin has gone to the value of .0001 in 2009 to over $19,800. per Bitcoin in 2017. We are eager to meet you and hear your ideas. Join us for our next cryptocurrency forum to discuss ways to benefit from its implantation into everyday life. Our meetings always include updates on all the top cryptocurrencies. See and Share Us on Facebook.

This is a free event and can also be seen on

Bitcoiners of Southwest Florida.
The explosive price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is attracting a lot of new members.

To accommodate we are growing and adding moving the MeetUp group to a new place to share Blockchain and Cryptocurrency developments.

Starting in 2018, we are getting together at Endeavor Innovative Workspaces close to FGCU.

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